Looking for the plans? I got a direct link on 'em.
The Two Box style, like the classic Midway cocktail cabinet, is $24.99. CocktailMAME is based off of this plan set!
The Three Box style, adds the capability for playing games that work side by side as well opposing, and is priced at $37.99.
Thanks for supporting my habit!

CocktailMAME Front End

CMFE Screen Shot In in an attempt to reduce the number of buttons on the control panel and provide a less confusing interface for the casual players who come over to my house, I built a custom front end for my machine.

Navigation is very simple, you scoll through the games by moving the joystick left and right and select the game by pressing button 1 or either of the player start buttons.

The game list and configuration is stored in the games.xml file in the same directory as CocktailMAME.exe.

The front end was written in C# using Visual Studio .Net. You can download the source code and the art files to build it.

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